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August 2018 - in an effort to reduce paper and streamline the liquor license renewal process, the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) will no longer mail license renewal notices. It is preferred that licensees renew online using MyTax Illinois. Processing times may vary, but in most cases an online renewal can be reviewed and processed within two days.

Once the renewal is processed, permit holders will be able to view and print the new license from their MyTax Illinois account. Licensees should receive an email reminder from ILCC 45 days prior to the license expiration date. Most liquor license renewals will receive a reduced fee by submitting online. There is still the option of using a paper renewal application.

MyTax Illinois is an online account management system that is available for renewing liquor licenses, submitting brand registrations, and managing ILCC accounts online.

If you would like help registering for a MyTax Illinois account or are having any issues with submitting renewals or new registrations, Sarah Cogan Compliance & Consulting can help!

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